How do you pronounce Wieshuber?

WEES hoo ber.

Why only genuine gemstones?

I have been appreciating genuine colored stones since working in my dad’s jewelry store in high school. I studied them in a GIA (Gemological Institute of America) course. Once I started learning about geology and the formation of gems and minerals, I was awed by the power of nature. The amount of heat, pressure, and time required to form natural gems is immense. Although flawless diamonds are highy prized, most gemstones are enhanced by their variations and inclusions. Genuine gemstones look and feel different from manufactured materials. Their natural colors enhance any outfit.

What is sterling silver?

Silver is an element (atomic number 47) and a precious metal. Sterling silver is at least 92.5% pure silver, alloyed with copper to make it harder. The price of silver has fluctuated throughout history, but it has always had value. Part of its value comes from its beauty, and part comes from its workability into jewelry and useful objects. The only downside to sterling silver is that it tarnishes. Keep your jewelry in a zippered plastic bag to slow down discoloration. Read the full blog post on silver. 

Do you make it all yourself?

I make most of it. My pieces feature beautiful colored stones and sterling silver. My husband Anderson Wiese has joined me in the business. He works mostly in 14K gold, and he cuts his own opals.

Why are there sets of 3 earrings?

A lot of my necklaces are asymmetrical. When I make the complementary earrings, I make them asymmetrical too. Then I make a third, matching earring for days that you want to be more balanced.

Why is there only 1 of each item in the store?

For me, the fun is in designing a new piece, not in producing large quantities of a few things that sell. I hand select my beads and cabochons from gem shows in limited quantities. From my collection of stones, I design pieces that I love enough to want to wear myself. Only then do they make it into this store.

You might see me wearing something similar to what you see in the store. Sometimes I make a similar design for one of my retail outlets. No two are exactly alike. You can be sure that the piece you wear, or give as a gift, is different from any other.

Do you do commissions?

Yes. Please contact me.

I’d like to buy a gift for the woman in my life. Can you help?

Yes. Please contact me.